Exercise K



Exercise G



1 – Walgreens

2- Walmart

3-Fullerton Photographics

4- FedEx

5- CVS

Best Match – The print that best matched my photo to my screen was the professional print from Fullerton Photographics.

Best Quality – The best quality print came from Fullerton Photographics but the print from Walmart was close to it.

Where you will print – I think I am going to do my prints through Fullerton Photographics because it was the closest match. To make it closer to my actual photo I will need to lower the saturation before printing.

Still Life Research



For my traditional still life photo I am thinking of using some sort of unique object such as a figurine or an hour glass. I want to compose the image either in a natural outdoor setting or in a setting where I can create dynamic lights and shadows. For my food image I want to photograph snack type foods or photograph various ingredients that make a dish along side the completed dish itself. I want this image to be very colorful, dramatic, and detailed to give the viewer the feeling that the plate is sitting right in front of them. Lastly for my product shot I haven’t decided on a set product that I want to shoot. I would like this shot to be simplistic but eye catching. To accomplish that goal I plan on using dramatic lighting and angles as well as a complementary color scheme to help emphasize the product itself.