Ex O



Final Proposal

Series Name: Jovial

I want to a series about the things that make me happy, not the typical things but, things that are more personal and mundane in a way. I wanted to take the photos from my perspective, first person perspective. For one of my photos I wanted to take a picture of me watching TV with my partner, nothing special, just sitting together and watching TV with take-out. Another photo is me lying in bed with natural lighting because I love sleeping in. For another idea, I want to take a picture in my kitchen, cooking with my friend. Just really simple soft moments that I enjoy in life.

I want to use a tripod and natural lighting to make it “soft” and relaxing to show to the view how it makes me feel in my everyday life. I want to format this as an 8 paged zine.


Project 3 Research



For my self portrait, I wanted to take a picture of myself in the restroom looking in the mirror, being half masculine and half feminine because I’m gender non binary and I struggle with body dysmorphia. So some days its really hard for me to know what to wear to feel comfortable in my own body. For my environmental, I wanted to take a picture of my partner working in their craft studio, sewing. For my formal, I wanted to take a picture of my friends after full day, all stressed out with bags under his eyes. For creative, 3 words, Madonna and Food.