• Top left: Copy 4 Less
  • Top right: Rite Aid
  • Middle left: Walgreens
  • Middle right: CVS
  • Bottom: Bill’s Camera (professional)

I found that the Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS photos turned out very similar. The glossy paper feels and looks the same and the color/ vibrancy is high and looks slightly overexposed. The print from Copy 4 Less is on a thicker paper that is less glossy than the other commercial prints which I kind of like but it has a orange/red tint that makes the image look untrue. Lastly, the professional print is on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper that is very polished looking. Although this print is not as bright and vibrant, it is more realistic and true to the image file on screen. I will continue to print with Bill’s Camera.

  • cervantes_corina_exg

While researching food photography, I became interested in artist Brittany Wright. She takes images of food in gradients which I think is very appealing to the eye so I might focus on color, however, I LOVE everything about brunch so I would like to play with the idea of pouring syrup on some delicious waffles. For my product photography image, I would like to do some type of skincare or herbal supplement and have the product be surrounded by some of the natural ingredients it has in it. Natural ingredients is key! Lastly, I want to create something unique for my still life image. I would like to do something like George Rustchev’s work, which takes something beautiful, like flowers, and contrasts them with something rugged like nails. I also like the idea of something in motion, like flying chalk or paint splattering.