Exercise I



Exercise G


These are the prints I made out of one of my edited photos from project 1.  The top left is from Walmart, the top right is from Walgreens, the bottom left is from CVS, and the bottom right is from Target.  The print from Walmart turned out very saturated and dark compared to the original and the others.  The Walmart piece seems to almost glow in the dark.  The closest one to the original is the one from Walgreens.  The colors of the bottom 4 candies are very similar to the original computer screen version.  The ones from Target and CVS are very similar to each other, with the yellows almost popping out from the dark candies around them.  The only difference from Target’s version and CVS’s version is that CVS is slightly thinner and lighter than Target.  Unfortunately I couldn’t acquire a photo from the professional camera store because it takes them at least 3 days to develop it.  I will see if I can acquire it by monday.


The best match for my photo is probably Walmart.  Best Quality also goes to Walmart.  I plan on printing at Walmart next time.