Ex K



Ex G

  • list of places
    1. walmart
    2. cvs
    3. kinkos
    4. target
    5. claremont photo
  • best quality
    • The best quality in my opinion was the claremont photo
  • best color match
    • The best color match was the photo from Claremont photo
  • where you will print and any changes to image
    • I would print at Claremont photo and I would probably ask for the photo to be printed on luster paper



For my Traditional still life I wanted to focus on the more grotesque and weird subject matter for a still life. I plan on having a white table cloth set up with raw meat and knives placed everywhere. The white table cloth will have blood stains on it. For my food still life I wanted to photograph pasta in bowls and/or a cast iron skillet on top of a marble surface. There will be utensils and serving utensils next to them. For my product still life I chose to photograph nail polish. I plan on having the nail polish on its side with nail polish dripping out of it. It will also have another bottle next to it that has the lid on. The open bottle’s lid is going to be right next to it.