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Portrait Research

Project 320170507_235021.jpgFor my Self Portrait I am thinking of a more formal approach for the first few, with a dark fabric as my background. For Environmental, I may use my boyfriend in his hometown since I may be up there soon anyways. It would be him surrounded by his room and family photos. For Formal, I will use a subject in light and dark exposures, each with a corresponding background. For creative, I want to get a shot of me playing video games, doing something I love the most.

Exercise G

The best quality photo seemed to be Claremont Photo and video. I liked my Claremont Photo and Video picture the best. The others were much too dark and the Claremont photo matched my digital copy almost exactly. I feel like I may actually print at Walgreens, Costco or Claremont but more likely Costco for convenience sake. I am not sure what changes I will make but one could be changing the exposure based on how my previous pictures turned out.20170419_154810.jpgLight_04