Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name: Hoops

Seniority State Idea: For this series I want to do find several basketball courts around my neighborhood and photograph them

How will you execute idea?

I am planning to capture the environment surround the basketball court and the people around it.

Why is this topic important to you?

This topic is important to me because the sport has been a part of me since I was little, and the court itself has become somewhat sacred to me. It’s a place that brings back memories both good and bad, but mostly good. It’s a place where I was able to grow and mature and use the things i learned there in life

What do you want other people to understand?

I want other people to be able to understand the different environments and the different people from all walks to life that are able to step on the court and participate in a sport that they love. As well as show the different personalities that can be seen by each court and its surroundings.

 What do you hope this series will accomplish?

I want this series to give people who are not into the sport to be able to look at the photos and learn or feel something about the sport and the environment.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

No, I do not believe that I need any special equipment besides a tripod.

Output Method and Size:

At the moment I plan on printing the photos at a standard size.


Still Life Research

Traditional: For my traditional still life I plan on using Sneakers and a basketball. I want to use that theme for my traditional still life. I also want to take my pictures somewhere on the street, I imagine it being near a brick wall, fence, or a basketball court.

Product: I want to use hair products, whether its pomade, wax, or hair gel. I would use a comb and other tools that go along with the them. I want to take either a top down picture with lid open or a close up at an angle.

Food: Im planning of taking a picture of a burrito. Along with it some radishes and maybe a soda with it too. Again I’m planning on two different types, a top down with the burrito cut in half, or a close up so the viewer can see the inside of the burrito.