Exercise K


Portrait Research

For my self portrait, I wanted to dress up business casual and sit on a stool either with a dark background and the light just shinning in the center or a rough background. The environmental, I want to either go to a festival or catch a city worker on the street. For formal, I want to do a shoot in a dark alley or reach out to a firefighter. The last one, I’m going either attend a sports game, baseball or football, or capture someone swimming under water towards me .

EX G: Printing

Print Locations: Walmart, Walgreens, CPP Print Lab, Claremont Photo

The best quality print would be from Claremont Photo. For the future I would either print from CPP Print Lab or Walgreens, I would just have to bring down the saturation and adjust the black and shadows so that the print doesn’t look so dark.

Proj. 2 Research

I want to try to implement a lot of lights and shadows in all three still lives. I also want to show the detail of texture in each photo. For the traditional photo I’m going to bring objects together with contrasting colors with either a white or black background so that the objects can stand out in their unique way. For the product I want to show the liquid of an object with a subtle background. I want to show a certain dark but interesting mood. The food still life, I want show what a perfect bite is from a homemade dish with smoke and flavor being emphasized.