Tentative Series Name:

Closed Stores

State Idea:

For this series I want to focus on stores after closing time at night.

How will you execute idea?

I plan to focus on both perspective and landscape photos. The main subjects would be the store itself from the distance across the sidewalk.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

I want to focus on the time when stores are closed up but a couple of lights are still on and it looks lonely. I currently work for a beard shop at an outdoor mall and when i close the shop, I find it very interesting and moody to see these warm lights shining through the glass at night. I want people to understand the environment and setting of closing time and empty streets. I hope this series will accomplish a gloomy and relatable mood  with warm lights and cool backgrounds.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

I plan to use a tripod as it will be at night and need a longer shutter speed.

Output Method and Size:

For the series I plan on using traditional prints of 8×10. I want to present a classic image prints with a thin white border.

Portrait Research

For my self portrait, I wanted to dress up business casual and sit on a stool either with a dark background and the light just shinning in the center or a rough background. The environmental, I want to either go to a festival or catch a city worker on the street. For formal, I want to do a shoot in a dark alley or reach out to a firefighter. The last one, I’m going either attend a sports game, baseball or football, or capture someone swimming under water towards me .

EX G: Printing

Print Locations: Walmart, Walgreens, CPP Print Lab, Claremont Photo

The best quality print would be from Claremont Photo. For the future I would either print from CPP Print Lab or Walgreens, I would just have to bring down the saturation and adjust the black and shadows so that the print doesn’t look so dark.

Proj. 2 Research

I want to try to implement a lot of lights and shadows in all three still lives. I also want to show the detail of texture in each photo. For the traditional photo I’m going to bring objects together with contrasting colors with either a white or black background so that the objects can stand out in their unique way. For the product I want to show the liquid of an object with a subtle background. I want to show a certain dark but interesting mood. The food still life, I want show what a perfect bite is from a homemade dish with smoke and flavor being emphasized.