Project 3 Research

Self-portrait: Soccer was such a huge part of my life up until now. I think it would touch on the type of person I used to be and what I spent the majority of my time on. I definitely want to show the process of getting ready for a game. I had some kind of ritual beforehand that I would always go through. Perhaps I could show myself lacing my cleats. On location/environmental portrait: For this particular portrait, I am leaning towards shooting my sister getting ready. She really prides herself in the process of getting ready. Formal/simple portrait: For this one, I want to have someone relaxing in bed or a couch with a colored gel. Creative portrait: I’m quite not sure what to do exactly for this one. Maybe I could try to do something abstract, but feel like I need to test several concepts out before deciding on one.

Project 2 Research

For my traditional still life, I plan on using semi-burned candles along with food items such as different types of peppers, a bottle of Tapatío, and several types of candy. I am planning on using dramatic lighting and a dark background. For my product still life, I am going to shoot a bottle of perfume. It will stand on black silk fabric with small light fixtures in the background. As for my food/ingredient still life, I am planning on using 2-3 tacos with a couple of small bowls of salsa off to the side as well as loose cilantro.

Exercise G

The list of locations that I printed were Target, Walmart, CVS, CPP Print Lab, and Claremont Photo. The best quality print was at Claremont Photo and the CPP Print Lab. I will print at Claremont Photo, the CPP Print Lab, and any other professional place.