Ex G

  • The best match would be the one all the way on the left corner where I printed my photo at Claremont Photo. The photo is not too saturated like the one I printed at CVS. The quality of the paper is nicer as well.
  • The best quality print was from Claremont Photo. The image matches better to my photo on screen and  the photo paper is heavier.
  • I prefer luster, because I like the texture better. It is shiny but doesn’t form finger prints and reflection.
  • I will most likely get my future prints done at Claremont Photo or at Walmart for nice prints too.



Still life Research

For the food still life, I thought it would be really fun to photograph different forms of eggs and how something so simple can be positioned in interesting ways to show its texture. Also, by using a darker background will help emphasize the bright color of the eggs. Then for the product category I’m going to use my Marc Jacob Daisy perfume as the subject and plan to use nature (flowers) as the background to hint the floral fragrance and girly feel. Finally, I’m going to place my heels and female accessories all together for the traditional still life portion. I want to play around with black and white on the traditional still life and give it a vintage mood.

Chen_Debby_Still life samples