Ex K



Still Life Research

For my traditional, I was either going to do essentials for a graphic designer in a organized and laid out workspace or more of a fashion clothing approach in a grid layout. For my food portion, I was going to photograph a theme of “Breakfast in Bed” with white sheets so that the food still stands out and remains vibrant. Lastly, for my product, I was going to photograph shoes in the category of athletic wear or professional dress shoe wear. The background would depend on which one I choose, but would be very subtle so that the focus is strictly on the shoe.

Photo Print Ex


List of Places:

  • CVS
  • FedEx
  • Target
  • Staples
  • Powell’s Camera Store

Best Quality:

  • Powell’s Camera Store

Best Color Match:

  • Powell’s Camera Store

Where will you go in the future?

  • Powell’s Camera Store

What adjustments do you need to match the screen?

  • I need to increase the tones in the lighter areas and in the darker areas such as the blue in the sky and the shadow castings on the right side of the building.