Exercise K-Devin Everitt



Exercise G Printing


  1. Claremont Pro
  2. Target
  3. CVS
  4. Staples
  5. Kinko’s

All my photos turned out alright except for the one printed out at Kinko’s. I do not really know what happened to the print but it has a grainy/blue hue to it. My best print was definitely the professional photo that I printed out at Claremont Pro. It is pretty close to the original photo. It does have signs of darkening however. It is quite pricey and to be honest Targets photo turned out just as good and it was way cheaper. I do know that good photography comes at a price and I am willing to pay for quality. My overall experience throughout this project was really enjoyable. It was interesting to see which places make the best prints.

Still Life Research


For my product shoot I plan on using women’s perfume to create a picture that entails beauty and a feeling of softness. My aim is to make the viewer feel that this perfume will enhance their beauty as well as have a soft fragrance that will also catch the attention of guys. I will shoot a very much traditional black and white still life for the Traditional portion of this project. I will use high contrast and dramatic lighting to set the scene. I want to draw the viewer in and make their eyes stay on the image. As for my food photography section I will use color and texture in order to make the viewer feel as if he/she are standing directly in front of the food. I either want to do that or have an enticing dessert plate to photograph that will surely make the viewers mouth water.