Exercise J



still life research

Jimenez_David_Project2researchProject 2 consist of photographing 3 unique still lives. The categories include traditional, product and food. For food I plan to photograph fruit being dropped into water using a fast shutter speed to freeze the motion of the fruit being dropped into the water. My light source will come from the side to provide some shadows. For product, I plan to shoot a backlit glass beer bottle , the bottle will be positioned along a beer mug and will be placed onto a reflective ground. Lastly, for the traditional category I plan to photograph a set of flowers. The flowers will have an upper frontal light source and will be in a texturized vase to provide contrast in the composition.

Ex g printing

1. cvs

2. rite aid




– The best match to my digital file was the photo print from Costco. Based on quality, the Costco print was also the best. The paper on the Costco print was heavier weight and better in retaining the colors. The prints from other places were either missing tones or looked over/under exposed. After printing from various places, I plan to print from Costco. The colors were slightly off but I will do test prints before my final print to best match my pictures to the digital files.