EX K (the Last One)



Exercise G

2). List of Places: Walgreens, Walmart, Staples, Copy and Mail, Cvs.
3). Best Quality: Probably Staples
4). Best Color match: Walmart
5). Where will you go in the future: Staples or Walmart, they are the same distance.
6). What Adjustments do you need to make: I have to go warmer if i want to go to staples but for Walmart I may need to go a little warmer.IMG_4002.jpg

Project 2 Research


Still-Life_Proffessionals.jpgSketches.jpgFor the Reference martial  I mainly looked for how the photographer used basic elements of line and form and being able to follow the lines for interesting shots and compositions. For the traditional still-lifes I found Anatoly Che’s use of dramatic lighting interesting and reminded me of paintings and the use of cloth and other small objects to split the frame is also reminiscent of that style as well. For the product I like the of background used by Sommers’, she effectively uses color to separate the frame and use reflection to draw you in. Lastly for Food I like Annabelle Breakey’s sense of still in progress cooking that either the food is just finished and leave related objects to show how the food was made.