Exercise K



Exercise G-Printing

exercise-g-printing_11 Kinkos

2 Staples


4 Bronco Copy N Mail

5 Powell Camera Shop

I feel that the best quality of photo was the print from Powell Camera Shop. The best color match was the print I received was again from Powell Camera Shop. Therefore, I will be most likely printing at Powell Camera Shop and I will need to bump up the saturation a bit before I print. My fallback option is to use the Bronco Copy and Mail. I will need to bring my own paper and lighten the image before printing.

Still Life Research

For my food still life I want to experiment with melting ice cream. I plan to use various colored scoops of ice cream and cones and shoot photos from above of the ice cream as it melts. For my product still life I want to use liquid lipstick placed in various ways, some tubes will be open revealing their colors and others will be closed.  For my traditional still life I wanted to incorporate the use of reflective objects such as mirrors and sunglasses and even broke glass. I would like to shoot outside for this still life to catch some of the natural light.sample-sketchescontactsheet-001