Exercise K

Exercise K


Exercise G


Where is the best quality?

The best quality for the image that I printed is in the Art Department Print Lab. It better capture the highlights and shadows of my original image.

**(Staples and Fedex came in at a close second)

What is the best match?

The best match is arguably the image printed in the Art Department Print Lab. it matches best with color and contrast.

Where do you plan on printing for the class?

I plan on continuing to print at theArt Department Print Lab. It is the most convenient access for me since i spend most of my time on campus. And i believe it is worth the price due to the quality and convenience.

  • What changes will you make to match to screen?

    • If I were to print at Powell again, I would try not to adjust the vibrance of the color as much and maybe increase my highlights and shadows a bit.