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Ex G

The best match was from CPP

The best quality was from the CPP printing

I prefer lustre over glossy prints

I will probably be going to a professional printing place or Costco for my future printsPhoto Jan 26, 8 43 00 AM


Still Life Research

For my traditional still life I will be shooting a view of my workspace in my room. I will focus on the most populated part of the desk, which as a plant, a tin full of supplies, and a candle. It shows a little more about me and how I like to style my own space. For the food still life I will either be shooting plates full of appetizers or of fruits. I want to use a white background in order to let the colors of the food that I will be shooting really pop out. I also don’t want any unnecessary information in the background to detract from the main subject. For the product shot, I will be shooting bottles of tea. I will choose a slightly isometric perspective of the bottle, as well as scatter tea leaves around to highlight the type of tea being showcased.

Abuel_Dylan_brainstormPhoto Jan 26, 12 02 39 AM