Series Proposal

Edlyn Pacheco

Project Proposal

Tentative Series Name:

The City of La Puente

State Idea:

For this series I want to focus on the town where I grew up my whole life, La Puente, and capture the communities culture and lifestyle.

How will you execute this idea?

I plan on shooting the environment around the town and capture some shots of people interacting within the community.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

This topic is important to me because it is about the place where I grew up. Sure the city is not the prettiest or the richest in the area but everyone grows up from different communities and adapt to their own lifestyle. I want people to see how my community is different from theirs and I hope to create a series that gets people intrigued by the area.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

I do plan on using a long depth of field so that I can get everything in focus to capture the environment of the city.

Output Method and Size:

For this series I plan on using 8×10 prints, I want them not too small or big so that size will be perfect for the prints.

Portrait Research

For self-portrait I would like to show myself in my room and looking off to the side of the window. I would have little sunlight in my room. My room does not get that much light from the window so it would be interesting to create a portrait using little light.

For environmental I was thinking of doing a photo of my mom and she would be sitting down at our dinning table with her arm reaching to her face, she can have a serious expression on her face showing the hard work she does in the house.

For creative I think it would be interesting to play around with the color gels to get a different light effect. I was thinking of a composition of somebody who has their body turned to the side with their head facing towards the camera.