Exercise – K

Exercise K


Still Life Research

ContactSheet-001For the still life project, I want to re-create food still lives, because it just showcases my love for food. I also want to do something with branding/products so i would most likely be using my shoes in this project. And lastly I want to use traditional objects, such as vases and such. I wonder how it’ll turn out! haha

Exercise G – Printing


I was only able to go to three places, one of which was a professional print shop.

The very top picture was printed at Claremont Photo, which I have to say I admire a lot since it has the best quality. I ended up going to two more locations, CVS and FedEx Kinkos,which turned out mediocre as expected. Even though I did not get 5 prints, I realized how important a professional photo shop may be, will definitely be hitting up Claremont Photo once again!