Project 5 Proposal

Tentative Series Name:

Drawing media

State Idea:

For this series, I want to focus on still lives of drawing utensils and medians

How will you execute idea?

I want to have a very either a still life or environmental style of photography that will mainly use natural lighting.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

I want to show people how they can be introduced to expressing themselves through drawing and to show, that while it may seem daunting at first, it’s easy to get into and to not be scared to do it. Often times people would view drawings of others and say they want to do that as well, but feel that they are not good enough to do it. I want this series to show that it’s a fun activity that anyone can do and that it can be fun

Any special condition, equipment, or techniques needed?

These images will be very easy to set up but I may need different lighting source, I’ll have to look into this more

Output Method and Size:

The series will most likely be close-up and I am still unsure about print size, however, I do want to compile them into a book


Project 2 Research

For self-portraiture section, I feel as though this may be the simplest for everyone as it’s about what makes a someone who they are. This can range so it’s more about how they can set it up so that it’s interesting to view as opposed to wondering what they can shoot for it. I got a few ideas to try such as showing different sides of me such as whenever I’m geeky, creative, my ethnicity, or my emotions. The Environmental one can be a little tricky finding where would provide interesting stories while providing good lighting and angles. Also finding people who are willing may provide a bit of an issue as not everyone I know may be available when I need them. Formal/simple I’m not too worried about since it’s one of the more basic setups and the one people are most familiar in viewing. Creative I have plenty of ideas such as odd environments and angles but the question becomes whether or not ill be able to pull certain ideas off so it’ll be a lot of trial and error. The number of props I’m considering of using throughout all of the categories is limitless but I have to consider which would make sense in the scene so again this will be a lot of experimenting.