Exercise H



Exercise G

  1. The best match for printing was at Target.
  2. The best quality for printing was at Walmart.
  3. I think I would print at Target. Although the quality of the paper was not the best, as they best matched the photo on screen. For adjustments, I will up the brightness because the photo came out darker than what it was supposed to be.img_0503

Still Life Research

synn_eddy_sketchsynn_eddy_stillliferesearchFirstly, for the product still life I plan on using some kind of electronic whether it be a mouse or laptop. Secondly, for the traditional still life I plan on using things I have or use daily(laptop, notebook, etc) on a wooden table. Thirdly, for the food still life I plan on using a simple steak photo. I will probably be using natural lighting for all of these photos.