Ex. G




2. Office Depot

3. Walgreens

4. Office Max

5. Sammy’s Camera

Best Quality

Office Depot has the clearest photo out of all of the places. It also has the best color overall, having a lot of detail still in the highlights and shadows. The contrast wasn’t overkill.

Best Color Match

The closest color to the screen was the one from CVS, although that probably has to do with the very blue color setting that is default for the Mac

Where will you go in the future?

I would like to try out Powell’s to see how their prints come out. For now though, Office Depot might be my top pick.

What adjustments do you need to match screen?

Rather than matching the screen, I think ill have to adjust the color balance in my Mac’s settings to match the print.



From what I have seen, food related photos tend to have the best and most dramatic shots when combined with the usage of warm lighting, close up, and dramatic angles (up above, from the side, at an angle). Vibrant colors help stimulate appetite, which makes the photo more appealing. For product photos, its all about focusing on the company name and the product itself. Products are usually in your face, almost like if the photographer was afraid that you would not notice what the product is. These photos tend to have more photoshopped effects. Still life is an interesting one. It leans more towards fine art and focuses on creating composition. The lighting should be used to help convey the feeling and atmosphere of the photo.