Research Project 3

Self Portrait
For this picture, I am planning on taking it of myself but the idea has not occurred yet. Not sure if I will be taking it in the dark or in light. I want it to be something more organic than staged or maybe even something fast. Some inspiration that I saw was the blur movement, where the background is focused but the body of the person is blurred out because they moved while taking the picture. I would like to use some gels to add color to the image.
            I want to take some pictures of my friend in their rooms or homes to capture the essence of their environment. I want to include some of their favorite things in the background, such as their hobbies. Maybe I can take some at work out outdoors depending on what they enjoy doing. Also, thinking of maybe taking pictures of my boyfriend at work since he is a nurse but may not work since it is a hospital location. The color of any of these pictures may vary based on the organic and un planned approach I will be taking.
For the simple portrait, I plan on using another of my friends. Not completely sure what the background of the picture will be but I want it to be more of a monochromatic color scheme. Something that my friend and background could blend into one. I plan on doing something more of a simplistic/ minimalistic image.
            My concept is to create something with a meaning or with some background context. I plan on taking some pictures of another friend, again, and giving the image a story. Maybe not an action shot but something that can have the viewers for their own ideas or interpretation as to what the image is about. I want to go for a monochromatic feel again but maybe this time I can incorporate a color that stands out.

Ex. G Printing

  1. CVS
  2. CPP/ Copy n’ Mail
  3. Fullerton Camera
  4. Fedex Office
  5. Walgreens

The best quality print for my image would be both Fullerton Camera and Walgreens. The printings fro both places are very close in color and clarity of my image. But I also liked the print i got from CVS because the color is brighter and grabs my attention.

I think i will be printing my images at the three places mention previously, depending on my mood and the color i want to achieve. The only adjustments iI will be making in the future will be just the colors and brightness.

Still Like Research


I want to do something with a decorative perspective. The product(s) will be scattered and will keep the viewers eye moving around the image. The final result I am aiming for is to have a minimal, playful and clear image of the products. The background color should hopefully make the product the focal point, which will be kitchen pots and pans.


For traditional I want to create something more modern and simplistic but yet interesting. Once again, my goal is to draw the eye of the viewer and engage them wth my photograph. I will be using fruits and cube pillars, were the fruits sits on top of the pillars.


The food that I am Choosing is my personal comfort food. I will be using a bowl of pozole, a traditional Mexican dish. The ingredients will be surrounding the bowl as decoration, which will make the bowl the focal point. I plan on taking the pictures at home in my kitchen to give the image a warm home feeling.