Series Project Proposal

Tentative Series Name

I have two ideas of which I am highly interested in creating. They will both be based on food and created into small recipe books,

  1. I am PO-TA-TO

State Idea

  1. I am PO-TA-TO”, would be a small book describing the different ways you can cook a potato. I want it to mimic a children’s book where there are small amounts of text alongside images of the item. The images would focus more on French fries, waffle fries, curly fires, tater tots etc.
  2. ISABEL”, a small cook book of foods my mom makes that I personally enjoy eating. I want to include images of the food, from the beginning of the process to the outcome. The text would only be used for the names of the foods and the recipe steps.

How will you execute idea?

  1. I will go to different food locations to find the most aesthetically pleasing “fries” and will be taking properly exposed images of them. I plan on taking the images inside a white box.
  2. I would like to take pictures of my mom’s food in her kitchen and be able to capture the full process. I would probably take the pictures mid-day when the sun is at its peak to get properly exposed images.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

  1. The potato idea seems fun and I do enjoy eating fries whenever I go out. Whether it be crosscut, curly tots, wedges. Potatoes is just plain delicious and low cost.
  2. I recently moved out with my boyfriend and neither of us knows how to cook good food, we try but we suck. I want to create the cook book mainly for myself because I do miss my mom’s food and there’s moments where I wish I had her recopies at hand so I could try and make them myself.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

For both categories I plan on taking as many pictures as I can in different angles. I would say the only limitation I have is to take pictures of the food only without any background distraction.

Output Method and Size

My output is going to be a series of images in the format of squares. I want the book(s) to be hand held and able to be functional in the real world. Not 100% sure about the sizing but maybe a roughly 9x9in.

Project 4 Proposal

The ideas that I have for the fourth project are: woman empowerment, racial stereotypes and AIDS awareness. For the woman empowerment, I wanted to have women off all ages incorporated in the posters. Still not sure about how they would represent woman empowerment. I was also thinking about something to do with Latina Women empowerment where I would have women dressed in work clothing where they are not “commonly” found. Such as a firefighter, a mechanic etc. rolls in which a woman would not be expected to be. For racial stereotypes, I wanted to make posters with individuals of different race and make them more personalized. To show that race does not define who a person is or intentions are in life. For the AIDS awareness, I wanted to do something with people showing how strong they are even through an illness. Whether it would be children or adults, I wanted to represent people of all ages with the disease. Within all my ideas, I want to incorporate facts or some form of statistics.

Research Project 3

Self Portrait
For this picture, I am planning on taking it of myself but the idea has not occurred yet. Not sure if I will be taking it in the dark or in light. I want it to be something more organic than staged or maybe even something fast. Some inspiration that I saw was the blur movement, where the background is focused but the body of the person is blurred out because they moved while taking the picture. I would like to use some gels to add color to the image.
            I want to take some pictures of my friend in their rooms or homes to capture the essence of their environment. I want to include some of their favorite things in the background, such as their hobbies. Maybe I can take some at work out outdoors depending on what they enjoy doing. Also, thinking of maybe taking pictures of my boyfriend at work since he is a nurse but may not work since it is a hospital location. The color of any of these pictures may vary based on the organic and un planned approach I will be taking.
For the simple portrait, I plan on using another of my friends. Not completely sure what the background of the picture will be but I want it to be more of a monochromatic color scheme. Something that my friend and background could blend into one. I plan on doing something more of a simplistic/ minimalistic image.
            My concept is to create something with a meaning or with some background context. I plan on taking some pictures of another friend, again, and giving the image a story. Maybe not an action shot but something that can have the viewers for their own ideas or interpretation as to what the image is about. I want to go for a monochromatic feel again but maybe this time I can incorporate a color that stands out.