Exercise K



Portrait Research

For my self-portrait, I want to explore self-perception of my body by taking sections of it. I want these to be edited into black and white to focus on the content and details. For the formal portrait, I wanted to focus in on the model’s face, cropped to focus on a specific part. In addition, I wanted to use props to accentuate the personality. For the environmental portrait, I wanted to photograph the person in their place of work. Specifically, I wanted to photograph my friend who is a barber and highlight his work as a way to build relationships. For the creative portrait, I wanted to explore fashion inspired photography, by emphasizing the color palette and styling of the model in the location.

Project 2 Research

For this project, I really want to focus on environments for each one. My product photo will be Patron, set up with limes, salt, shot glasses, all to enhance the green and silver colors and tones. For my traditional, I want to use different random items that I have collected since I was a kid, like a glittery tree, flower rooster, this colorful expanding ball, all staged at a park or playground (still considering location because I do not want to look like a weirdo photographing at place with kids). For my food photo, I want to focus on coffee and pastry (overhead shot) because I love visiting coffee shops. I will have to determine which shop has the best environment and lighting for the vibe I want.