The places I went to in order are, Powell Camera Shop, Target, Walgreens, Costco, and CVS. In my opinion, the best quality came from Costco and was also the best color match. In the future, I will be printing from either Powell Camera Shop or Costco. If I’m printing from Powell, I will add more contrast, and if I print from Costco, I will add more pinks into my picture as it printed out with more green tones.

Project 2 Research


For food photography, I want to focus on fruit, mainly using different compositions in each. Some fruit will be cut and others will be whole but I still want to create an orderly composition. For product photography, I want to do candles or soap products and have the product be surrounded by whatever the scent of the product is. For still life photography, I want to use darker objects with a dark background and add a few contrasting colored objects to the dark setup.