Project 4 Proposal

I want my political project to be about the death penalty. The focus will be on innocent people who have been made victims by this antiquated system of “justice”. I want to portray the message by reenacting executions in which the victim is being killed by their own country for justice. I want to use Uncle Sam as a figure and have one of those toy guns that shoots a flag out that says “justice” on it. I don’t know which court cases I want to use yet, I’m still researching them.

Exercise G

I think I will print at Walmart because it’s convenient for me. It’s on my way to school and it has pretty high quality prints for a commercial printer. I would like to print more often at Fullerton Photographics, however, they are a little out of my price range. Target delivers very low quality prints. CVS has okay quality prints on better paper than Target. Overall, I think Walmart has the most bang for why buck when it comes to ordering prints of photos.

Project 2 Still Life Brainstorm & Research

For my still life project, I drew inspiration from these sample files.  I want to play with creating visually interesting photos by playing with the way I create and use shadows in the images. My product photography picture will be very clean and true to nature, using daylight-like light and neutral accessories to frame the product.  My traditional still life is going to be vibrant and made up of multiple of the same object and/or similar objects.  For my food still life, my favorite thing to make at home is bruschetta.  I want to photograph the steps in which I make it and incorporate the shadow of basil leaves as a component to the composition of the piece.