Ex G – Printing


The location that had the best color match was Fullerton Photographics. Fullerton Photographics also had the best quality of paper because the paper was of a heavier weight. I had my prints done in lustre. I prefer lustre over the glossy finish. The gloss seems to be a little distracting. For future projects, I will most likely go to Fullerton to get my prints. However, Costco is my backup option. Costco achieved close enough color match and pretty good paper quality, however I noticed a tiny white edge on the left side of the print which put Costco as my #2 choice.

Still Life Research



For this still life project I have decided to shoot a Michael Kors purse in the “product” category, cake/cupcakes in the “food” category, and clocks in the “traditional” category. Each of these categories will require a different method of setup. I plan to do a clean white backdrop for my product shots and a clean black/gray backdrop for the traditional shots. For the food photography I plan to use natural lighting and a lush natural background.