Ex K



Portrait Research


For my Creative Portrait I want to depict a scene where a human appears to be rising into the sky in a light beam. I’m going to shoot at high shutter speed with only one source of light from above and have the model jump to appear to be floating in order to create the feeling of abduction.


For the formal portrait I’m going to take a black and white image of my model obscured by a cloud of smoke. I’m going tot use a solid black background and a hard side light for some abstraction.


For the environmental portrait I’m going to depict a scene of a student in his bedroom, but I’m going to dress the scene to make it appear to be taken in the 80’s with old concert posters and a soft lighting technique.


For the self portrait I want to be hanging upside down with water dripping off my face. I don’t want a boring regular portrait, so I’m aiming to go for something more conversational and interesting.



(Top to Bottom) Pic # 1=Claremont Photo 2=Target 3=WalMart 4=Staples 5=Home

The best quality print AND best match that most accurately represented the image on my computer screen is the print from Claremont Photo. They were able to capture the vibrant colors without oversaturating the hair and lights. For my future prints in this class, I will be going back to Claremont Photo because they are easy to work with and are able to capture most accurately the image that I wanted to show. If I had to make any changes before printing at Claremont Photo again, I would raise the brightness SLIGHTLY to give a little more life to the picture and make the colors really pop.

Still Life


Still Life – For the still life picture I plan to arrange a variety of glass cups and wine glasses in a way that I can play with the light reflecting off and through the glasses. I also plan to place an object in the back behind the glasses that will catch the viewer’s eye and act as a focal point in the composition.

Product Advertisement – For the product advertisement I plan to advertise some sort of drink such as beer or a sports drink. I want to hang the drinks by fishing line (so it isn’t visible) and take a picture of the liquids pouring out of the bottles with a high shutter speed. I plan to use a solid color background depending on what product I decide to use.

Food – For the food still life I plan to arrange a sushi spread. I feel like the variety of textures, varying smoothness, and vibrant color of sushi would make for an dynamic composition. I want to use a granite countertop and some kind of dark colored plate to contrast with the vibrance and lightness of the fish and salad.