Exercise K – Landscape



Portrait Research

Portrait Research .jpg


Top down or 3/4 side shot of self laying down in a bath tub filled with water and ice, shoulder up view, tired eyes open looking beyond the camera, with a calm surreal expression that contrasts the situation. The image of rebirth has been on my mind for awhile, and would make an accurate representation of how I feel about myself at this point in time. I have been removed from posting anything online about myself and this photograph is intended to be my return back to the artist i am. I have been preparing myself for about a month with cold showers at night and i hope that has been enough.

Enviromental Portrait:

Full Profile of grandparents at their residence. Grandfather (Akung) in his gardening attire. Grandmother (Ama) while she is on her walk around the background. Together with trophies in the background.

  • Potential Series of Extra Credit Series.

Formal Portrait: 

Subject seated in chair, 3/4 chest up or with the inclusion of hands in gesture, plain uncolored background, Dressed in attire of their profession.

Creative Portrait: 

A series of photographs of self displaying grief and sorrow over the loss of the family’s beloved english shepherd.


Sketches worked in abstraction help me to capture the subtle direction of the shoot; just like gesture drawings in life drawing.

Exercise G – Printing

Best quality: Photo Connection, Irvine

Best Match: Costco

I would consider printing from Claremont Photo in the future. I didn’t use it for these prints however after seeing and hearing the success others had I will consider their shop. I had my sister pick up from Photo Connection on her way from UCI. However, Costco provided such an ease and after hearing about their ability to match your computers colors to their printers I will go back to them for my future projects keeping in mind I would need to increase the exposure to compensate for the print.

I have had many poor experiences at Staples Copy and Print. Many times from their mistakes during the printing process to their overall complicated process of getting an individual  (4×6) print done (It was a full 24-hour turn around). In the end,  the print’s quality was poor and their trimming job was messy. CVS Pharmacy provides a self-service kiosk which was very convenient and the image came out vibrant and bright in color. Bronco Copy and Mail paper quality were okay, coming out glossy and untrimmed. Costco’s print was my favorite from the bunch because of the convenience of online printing that comes with its membership, for the quality of the paper (a mixture of gloss and matte) and it also came pre-cut. The downside was that it still came out dark and I would need to keep in mind next time to send with a higher exposure. Pro Photo Connection, Irvine was on par with Costco’s quality which was disappointing.





Still Life Research

Still Life Research


For Project 2 Still Life, I hope to achieve 3 unique still lives that exemplify character and story. This will be achieved by having objects in the frame that are intentionally placed and carry deep cultural motifs.


Traditional Still LifeI plan to stage the object on a flat surface. Emphasis on use of light and shadow (tenebrism) Product will be focused on the marketing aspect of imagery and a contrived environment that connects to the idea. There will be an emphasis on color for this photography. Food I will portray the themes of opulence or the abundance of food. This will be achieved by having a top-down view of multiple dishes of food and drinks that pertain to one of the meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner). This photograph will emphasize emotion.