Credit: Pinterest

Self-Portrait: I want to take a portrait with a shallow depth of field and very little detail in the background, so I will grab my tripod and stand in the very center of my yard, away from trees buildings or any other substantial object. I want to show a background with texture and show movement within my body.

Environmental-Portrait: In this portrait, I will have my environment surrounded by my graphic designs tools or illustrations. I was thinking perhaps showing this in a dramatic lighting.

Simple Portrait:It is evening and the sun is shining toward the subject from my left. As you can see in the example below, half of my face is in shadow and light is very flat. The background is not busy and it focuses from the subject. This overview shows the subject in natural light and the light stand holding a flash. The flash has no modifiers and is pointed straight at the subject.

Creative Portrait: I want to create an interesting angle by getting a little above my model. This can be done by standing on a step stool or having myself sit or kneel while positioning myself above them. Shooting from above can provide a sharp chin line and allow the eyes to be more piercing. I can incorporate shadows to make the portrait stand out. This can be accomplished by using dramatic lighting that keeps some of the face in shadow or by using something as common as a window blind.



List of Names: Staples, Home, Rite-Aide, CPP Copy & Mail, Powell Camera Shop

Best Quality: I believe the best quality of print was the Powell Print and as for the best quality of paper is Rite-Aide.

Best Match: The best match match of print is the Powell print.

Future Prints: My future prints will probably consists of either Powell or Costco. Although I didn’t print at Costco, I am up for the trip and try out their printing, but if I am short of time I can print at home and just adjust it enough for my printer to print it the way I want it.