Series Proposal

Shelby Georgeovich

TOP LEFT: object & background TOP Right: family photo BOTTOM LEFT: tombstones BOTTOM RIGHT: woman cleaning grave

Photo Series Project

Series Name: Cemetery Exposed

For this series, I want to focus on gravesites and objects or people that tell the dead person’s story. I plan on using objects and a shallow depth of field in the cemetery. I also intend to ask families sitting in lawn chairs around a grave site if I can photograph them. Night photography would be fun to explore with this topic. Dramatic lighting and B&W photography may be another route to take within this series.  Another photo can also be a family or friend cleaning off a grave site.

This topic is important to me because gravesites can be emotional for some people. The aspect of head stones also intrigues me. I always wanted to take photos in a cemetery, and this is a good chance to do so. Photos I take can also be sent to the families if they would like them.

Lighting may not be good for this topic at night so maybe I can bring flashlights. I will probably need a stabilizer as well.  These images may be striking, so I think big prints are the way to go. Medium sized prints would be good as well. 

Portrait Research

What I am thinking for the self portrait is to focus on what is important to me right now. I will photograph myself at church or at school most likely. For Environmental, I am going for taking a photo of my boss or coworkers in their work environments. My boss owns a cafe so I think that could have a nice mood to the photo. For formal, I want to go simple, maybe fashion photography though. Lastly, for the creative portion, I would like to do a collage and play with this blue LED light that is down the street from my house.