O Street

Exercise O



Final Project Proposal

 Tenative Series Name:

The L Word

State Idea:

For this series I want to focus on liquor store fronts as well as the insides of the stores

How will you execute idea? I plan to focus on environmental images of the outside of liquor stores as well as maybe capture the workers behind the counter.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?
I want to focus on this issue because I have always been intrigued by the way each liqur store has its own character even though it could be covered in advertisement and sales promotions, I have always enjoyed the way liquor stores have their own vibes based on their locations and surrounding areas. I hope this series will show people to observe your environment everywhere you go even if its down to your corner store and appreciate the small things we may take for granted during the day to day.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed? These images will be mostly straightforward and maybe some permission from store workers to be able to capture them behind the counter

Output Method and Size:I’m thinking the images printed sould be about 8×10, not too small but big enough that you can see the colors in the detail of the stores


Self Evaluation


A) For my environmental category for my photo I shot my friend Marvin in a library with his computer and his notes out because he is going to school to be a chemical engineer so he is in the midst of a very hard semester this time around. He never has time for himself because he is always so busy studying or working because his classes are so strenuous. So having him in the library where he spends most of his time is appropriate for the category. 

B) For my self portrait, I have it in all black and white covered in leaves. I don’t ever like to be the center of attention and I enjoy people watching. Having my photo black and white makes everything blend together and seem as if it is a picture of just leaves when you initially look at it but if you take your time and look thoroughly then you will see a portion of my face and I think the idea that I enjoy being in the background and kind of just blend-in during certain situations is represented in this way.

C) The formal portrait of Marvin is against a wooden fence with some leaves bordering the image. I wanted to get his picture in front of the fence because it think it was a nice background for him and not too distracting as a formal portrait, so that the viewer could focus only on him.

D) The creative category is a picture of my friend Kevin sitting against a burned tree. I believe the category is reflected in the photo with the way I edited the final image. I used natural light but in editing I brought up the highlights so that it makes Kevin pop out of the image.


A) The artificial light used in the library is the type of lighting that industrial spaces use to cast light inside a building. This type of light makes it hard for people to be able to keep time as well as to remain productive since the lighting can be considered harsh. I think that considering that Marvin spends his nights awake studying and barley sleeping , I used the library lighting to express the dedication he puts into his schoolwork staying up late with the harsh light of the library.

B) Using the natural light casting through the leaves makes it hard to identify what is happening in the image. I also used black and white instead of color to blend the picture together even more, so that my image camouflages all together.

C) The natural light in Marvin’s formal portrait leaves subtle shadows on his face to accent him instead of a harsh light that would cast hard shadows and Mae him appear intimidating in a sense.

D) Kevin is freed in the image using the rule of thirds with the branch behind him directing our eye back to Kevin’s facial expression.


Seeing the environmental image for the first time I would wonder who the guy in the picture was and what he is working on in front of him. Looking at the self portrait, I would wonder why the person is behind leaves and barley showing her face. The formal category would not leave me with any questions, instead just thoughts of a guy in an image. The last image would make me question where they were at that the tree ws burned? and despite being on a dead tree why does the guy have the facial expression of someone who is happy and in a peaceful place.


A) I think a weakness in the image would be to have even more papers and books and study materials out while Marvin was in his workspace. Having more stuff out would make the image seem more hectic and I think that would be even more effective considering the weight his classes are having on him at the moment. 

B) As strength of the self portrait image would be the way I set the image in black and white and am hidden within the image to get the concept behind the image across.

C) A possible weakness of the Formal image could be the post editing, maybe I could have lightened up the shadows so the image wouldn’t appear so dark.

D) A weakness I have with the creative image could have been having a sitting image of Kevin as opposed to having him in action doing something that showed off a talent of his.


I think in the future I would like to practice with the studio lighting more to create a more dramatic image for the formal portrait, or maybe even take my subjects out to some more interesting places to get them in different environments.


On a scale of 1-10 I think I did about an 8 because looking back at my final images, I could have taken a stronger “creative category” image.