Exercise I



Exercise G


For this exercise, I went to print my photo from many different places. From top to bottom I went to Target, CVS, Kinkos, and Fullerton photographics. After looking at the results of these prints, I preferred Kinko’s quality better because of the thick print and close resemblance to that of the actual picture. For Fullerton photographics professional photo prints, I accidentally sent them the wrong file but just by looking at the color of the photo, it was rich and did not distort too much of the actual picture I took. Definitely, professionally printing is a lot more expensive but the results are stunning and almost very satisfactory.

Grace Eim


For my product, I wanted to use my cellphone as the main concept. In the world of marketing, I learned that when you want to sell a product–especially technology–photographers take their pictures simple and straightforward to the message. However, they especially use the technique of color palettes and background picture. Every object but the phone is out of focus. It gives a dramatic attention to the product that can change the way the audience feel about their product. The process of my shots will consist of finding different angles of the phone while capturing either a simple solid background or an actual location (according to my sketches, a coffee shop or the beach)

A successful photograph when capturing food is the use of negative space and size in shape. The focus goes to the main dish that is placed within the grid line, while the other smaller dishes are placed around the main dish in order to give the picture balance. Typically, the trend for food photography is the use of “naturalistic props”–such as flowers, leaves, etc. For my photos, I will using these elements. However, I would also like to explore photos that are close up. (Fourth Sketch) I will be taking an angle shot of a bowl of hot ramen, giving complete focus onto the noodle strands that are being picked up by the chopsticks.

I chose to use succulents and ceramic bowls and plates. My color palette will mostly be neutral or completely solid white or black because I believe the colors of the succulent will help the picture pop and vibrant. I will also be placing these succulents on top of furniture. The time of day  of these shots would be around morning or late afternoon time since lighting is a major component in still life photography.