Ex K



Portraiture Research

For my project I want to theme the photos around me and my boyfriend. I want to express how I feel in my long distance relationship. The series will be titled with out you and will start with the Self portrait having a lonely feel using the dark colors and the expression of yearning/want. In the environmental photo I want to be sitting at my desk having an exciting conversation over FaceTime. For the Formal portrait I want to just have the phone on a white background and my boyfriend also on a white background either smiling or looking serious. For my creative photo I want the phone either placed in an awkward/impossible angle while I am trying to show him something or use his face over the phone as mine. My photos will heavily involve a tripod.

Exercise G

For this exercise  printing at the Claremont studio (blue tab) produced the best results. My at home printer (yellow) or the bronco copy and mail (purple) was the second best and it will probably suffice for any drafts that need printing. Walgreens(pink) and office max(green) printed the same quality with just a small difference in colors. IMG_3949

Project 2 research

Food: for this category I want to photograph ramen noodles. In the reasearch I did I really like how they play with the different textures and platings. I think the different color ingredients in the ramen will translate well.

Produt: I want to use balloons and create a colorful shot with a nice bright blue sky background. I was thinking of using letter balloons to create a fun interactive type treatment  experience.

Still life: I want to go with a red monochromatic color scheme and have feminine products placed in a styled manner with flowers and confetti. This topic is typically taboo and I want to give some energy to a sensitive subject.