Exercise H

Exercise H


Exercise G

IMG_1303 cropped

Out of all the five photos, the photo that printed out more accurately to the image on my computer was the print out from the professional photo company in Claremont. The texture of the print out from school was matte paper which printed second to most accurate to my image on screen. The print outs from CVS and Target printed out with too much contrast. However, the copy from Target is lightly increased in the reds than the one from CVS. The exposure from the print out from Walgreens is a increased more than the rest. It is also increased in the shadows and blacks. All photos are printed out in gloss except the photo from the Print-Out Lab at school.


Still Life Research



For this portion of the project I want to use an antique product to add detail to the photo. For the product I researched Ansel Adams’ work for inspiration on different direction of life and placement of the object.


For my food photo shoot I want to use a traditional background if I decided to use lemons, limes, oranges, etc., with a monochromatic feel. I would like the palette have a monochromatic color. I would like to cut fruit out and make a design out of it displayed on a plate and take a bird’s eye-view photo.


For my traditional photo shoot I want to test out taking photos of food and/or piece of nature such as flowers. I want to use a bright color to improve and grab the audiences’ attention towards the object such as Ansel Adams does with his projects.