Exercise K



Hasan Khodr – Still Life Research


For my still life project I would like to eitherĀ go for a darker theme and muted but still vibrant tones, or I would go for a more minimalistic feel and separate the items in a more geometric format. My traditional still life will be of several Arabic musical instruments and I would like to photograph them in a more renaissance style. My product still life will be an juice bottle and a vape with a dessert or fruit that accompanies the flavor, as well as some vapor rising all around the composition. My food still life will be a Middle Eastern meal, probably breakfast. Because these meals usually use a lot of small plates to serve many different types of food, it will be perfect to get an interesting composition. If that does not work out for me, I would like to photograph an In N Out meal and compose it in an unusual way to bring interest to certain parts of the meal.