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Some of the trends that I noticed. With with miniatures games the product photos are usually either at a very low camera angle to try and put the viewer at the same scale as the smaller models, to try and immerse them in the scene. Or they will be at a higher angle to show the scale of the game itself if it’s a shot of an entire force. Game play photos and previews will usually have elements of the game play, such as measuring tools and dice, while images to sell the products will lack these.

For food, I wanted to focus on deserts. The big pattern that I saw was that when it came to beverages and deserts, they will always try and have the desert itself use the same color as a key ingredient. To help aid in this, the background will be very neutral, with many of the serving trays and implements be pale or neutral colors so it is easy to make for the viewer to make the connection that this food contains this fruit or spice that is right next to it.

I believe that I can use cars as a traditional still life instead of a product. It is one large object, and many of the vehicles I wanted to focus on aren’t exactly the type of cars or vehicles that people can just buy in a magazine. I want to look at local auto shows, tank museums and aircraft museums to see if I can treat these objects as still life.

Jordan Ciccarelli


Order of printing locations: Office depot, Kinkos #1, Kinkos #2, CVS, Fullerton Photo, Costco

The best match was costco

Best quality was either costco or fullerton printing, though costco’s color was a little bit more vibrant. CVS also had vibrant color but the paper quality was bad.


I plan to print at fullerton photo, as it was very convient, cheap and had very good quality, or Costco if I can get ahold of a costco card.