Exercise K



Portrait Research

For my self portrait idea, I plan to not show any of my actual body, let alone my face. My idea is to be sitting in a chair in all white clothing. I’m also going to be wearing a white mesh mask so my face and neck are obscured. It would be in front of a pure white wall or paper and the main component of it would be to use a projector cast over me like a canvas. It will be hand-written thoughts I have about my self. I get a lot in my own head and I feel like using my body and clothes as a canvas to show physical depictions of my thoughts is the best way to describe myself to a viewer. 

Self Portrait SketchCervantes_Noah_Portrait_Research

Exercise G: Printing

IMG_20190925_100859Cervantes_Noah_PrintingFrom top to bottom:
Fullerton Photogaphics

CPP Building 3

Rite Aide




The best quality print I got was from Fullerton Photographics. I would certainly hope so since I paid the most for this print (which I later found out they have a minimum purchase and I could have ordered more prints for the same price). Although a close second was from Walmart. In the future I will probably go back to Walmart since their prices were more in my budget. I realized that my starting image was pretty noisy and bad to begin with so that was the biggest problem. To adjust these, I’ll make sure to bring the highlights and whites up a bit because it looks like it might get dark if I try to print a darker image to begin with. And this’ll help out my wallet.