Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name:

Breakfast of Champions



I want to show the interaction between college students and the food/ meals they eat in the name of staying up to finish projects or waking up early to get to class.



I am imagining this series as a split between humorous portraits and food photography. But the food is all constructed and intentionally ridiculous (using Red Bull in your cereal instead of milk).


Why this topic is important to me:

Humor is a really important element to art and design for me. I want to play into the phrase of “breakfast of champions” usually being used sarcastically when you eat bad food. I tend to hear that a lot from my dad when I’ve been up all night working on projects. I am hoping that seeing these photos will make people laugh, or at least smile.


Special considerations: 

I do not think I will need any special equipment to create this series. Likely I will just have to put a lot of time into creating food subjects that look convincing. 


Output Method and Size:

The main part of this series will be the output. I want to construct full-size cereal boxes and layout the photos on them to look like real products. There will be one photo on the front and back of each box resulting in four cereal boxes in the series. 



Here are rough sketches of what I am thinking.


Portrait Research

For my self portrait idea, I plan to not show any of my actual body, let alone my face. My idea is to be sitting in a chair in all white clothing. I’m also going to be wearing a white mesh mask so my face and neck are obscured. It would be in front of a pure white wall or paper and the main component of it would be to use a projector cast over me like a canvas. It will be hand-written thoughts I have about my self. I get a lot in my own head and I feel like using my body and clothes as a canvas to show physical depictions of my thoughts is the best way to describe myself to a viewer. 

Self Portrait SketchCervantes_Noah_Portrait_Research