Ex I



Portrait – Research

In my portraits I want to create an environment in which the idea is totally in focus. I want to make sure the emotion and idea are highlighted and understood. Im thinking about using myself in all four categories and being able to display different aspects and styles of my own life.

Self portrait – I want to photograph a close up on my own face, showing the details and flaws in my skin and blemishes.

Environment – I will have myself shown as a waiter/server in a restaurant type area.

Formal – There will be dramatic hard lighting and emotion in a very dark environment.

Creative – Im thinking about doing a fashion type of photo. Possibly to display and focus on an article of clothing rather than the individual. The subject will be in an abstract pose.


Exercise G – Printing

Prints – Sammy’s Camera, CVS, Target, Walgreen’s

The best match is from Walgreen’s. The worst is at target, the photo came out too saturated. Sammy’s Camera had a good print but was pricey, about 5 dollars.

I’m going to try a print at Costco and compare with Walgreen’s for future prints. For Walgreen’s I do need to increase the exposure.