Ex K



Portrait Research


For the self portrait I want to use mirror to photography my self. I want to take a dark mood and more storytelling feel photo. I’ll go to black and white photo or low saturation color photo. For the environmental portrait I want to take photo of my model swimming in the pool. My model was swimming player and water polo player until high school. I want to use freeze motion for portrait. For the Formal portrait I’ll go to be focus on light and close up to eye. Last, for creative portrait I want to take cinematic photography and hommage photography from one scene of my favorite film. I’ll make my model cafe up to look like a movie main character.

Exercise G

Best quality : Walgreens

Best match: Icon

I think for my project I will print at the Icon because of the good color match with screen. however, I may also print at Walgreens because Walgreens is good quality and cheap price.