Ecercise K



Exercise G

The first one is Staple, second one is CVS, third one is Walmart, fourth one is Target, and the fifth one is professional.

The best quality is the professional one.

The best color match is CVS.

I think I will prefer to go to professional to print, but I will add more yellow tone when I am printing.



Research Still Life

For my Still Life Project, I research a lot about modern style. I really the colorful picture, so I think I will try to create a still life photography which is really colorful and with the happy relax mood. The objects that I will like to try are candies. I love to eat candy and for me, candy represent the childhood. I think I will use some dream color for background such as pink or sky blue… I also thinking to put other object with candy. I was thinking skull or shoes. When I looking for skull still life photography. Most of the pictures have strong lights and shadow, and the mood are sad and heavy. Skull still life photography usually are tradition and old. I would like to try to change to photo different feeling about the skull.