Final Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name:




Coffee me up

State Idea: 

For this series I want to focus on portraits of coffee baristas.

How will you execute idea?

I am planing to shoot on formal and environmental portraits of coffee barista using the natural light.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish? 

The reason why I want to focus on this topic because firstly I am a part time coffee barista and secondly I want to capture coffee people to show its culture to everyone. I want this series show more their individual personalities, enthusiasm to this job, and their attitude towards work through this series.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed? 

I might plan to have some images with black and white also will need to use different lens filters.

Output Method and Size: 

For this series I plan on using prints sized 8×10.


Portraiture research

For the self-portrait, I plan to shoot with my country flag which show my identity and culture background. I might plan to shoot this everywhere, maybe in the hiking trail. One of ideaㄋ comes out is that I would overlie the flag, and there’s grassland below the flag. I would like to use high angle shot to shoot it.
For the environmental portrait, I plan to shoot my coworker is concentrated on pouring the coffee in the coffee shop. It shows that how much passions he has with this barista job.
The other idea is that I would like to shoot my friend is playing basketball in the court which shows how much he loves this activity.
For simple Portrait, I plan to shoot headshots from different angles in the plain background, mostly are side faces. I will focus on light and shadow as the effects in my photoshoot.
For creative portrait, I plan to shoot my friend with her mini-cooper. She might have different pose with it and I will try different angles to shoot, most are close up shot I think. (I might shoot it outside window, which shows a different atmospheres or feeling.) Other ideas could be that I plan to do something colorful, but I am still thinking how to set up the colorful scenes or arrangement.