Exercise K



Project 3 Research



Self Portrait: Too photograph myself with different angles and perspectives. Utilizing lighting and black and white.

Environment: My model working on his project or cooking.

Formal: To take a formal portrait of my model that utilizes lighting to create a professional feeling.

Creative: To include items that will enhance the photo and describe the model’s hobbies. Utilizing different angles and crops to create a story as well.

Project 2 Research

For Project 2, I decided to go with books/studying for the traditional still life, lotion for the product photo, and chicken noodle soup for the food photo. For the traditional still life, I decided to use books and other study materials set on a desk, resembling a student’s common study space. For the product photo, I will have the lotion on a hand towel positioned on a bathroom countertop with a shower curtain background. The food photo will consist of a cooked bowl of chicken noodle soup surrounded by ingredients and utensils. I plan to work with different lighting, angles, and compositions to best portray the mood and items in each photograph.