Camp Fire

Tentative Series Name:

Camp Fire

I would like this series to be about the fire’s in Malibu and thousand oaks that is well known as “Camp Fire”. It’s the biggest fire of Southern California and I’d like to document what has happened to the cities that were affected. This will be more like journalism photo’s, however I will include artistic qualities to make a story behind it. My inspiration came from the hurricane Katrina series where even the aftermath of the whole natural disaster is important to document. I hope that these cities will flourish in the future so that I can add to this series in years to come or even start a sequel for this series. I hope that my work can encourage people to donate and help these families that have lost their homes and even loved ones to this devastating fire. I want to make most of the series in low saturation, but make colors of red pop out. Red because it is a symbol of courage and I want my photos to show a glimpse of courage and hope for the future.



Project 3 Brainstorm

I would like my self portrait to show my struggles in self confidence and moments of disappointment in myself. I would like to make it black and white or work with light and shadow. For my environmental one, I’d like to take photos of my little sister as she dances in her ballet studio. Maybe as she takes off her shoes, the pain her feet go through as she dances elegantly on stage. As for the formal portrait, Id like to do something along the lines of color. With similar props with the background. I’m not quite sure what I would like to do for the creative one. I think I will get many ideas after I start on the other portraits.