Tentative Series Name:


State Idea: I want to focus on images of significant pollution issues.

How will you execute your idea?

I will execute my idea by going to the location which has the most pollution. For example, the location has air pollution or water pollution, or plastic pollution.

Why is this series important to you? What do you want others to understand? What do I hope to accomplish?

Due to people’s lack of expectation and prevention of the negative effects of highly developed industry, there are three major global crises: resource shortage, environmental pollution and ecological destruction. Environmental pollution refers to natural or man-made destruction, adding a substance to the environment that exceeds the self-purification ability of the environment and causes harm. (or due to human factors, the environment is contaminated by harmful substances, so that the growth and reproduction of organisms and the normal life of human beings are adversely affected.) Due to the change of the constitution or state of the environment caused by human factors, the quality of the environment decreases, thus disrupting and destroying the normal production and living conditions of the ecosystem and human beings.

Any equipment, conditions, or techniques?

 I don’t think I need specific techniques to shoot my series, because I do want to show the most nature photos to the viewers. I think I will use tripod to hold my camera.

Output method and sizing:

I am still considering sizing, and I would like to print my photo as a magazine.


Research: portrait

Self-portrait: I plan to play on my own computer while sitting on the sofa. Because my major is graphic design, I use the computer most of the time. I plan to use a black background and I will use a small amount of light to supplement the lack of light. Or go out to some parks and take pictures of my own basketball because I am a basketball fan.

Environmental Portrait: I plan to take some sports-related information, or go to the beach to shoot someone else for fishing.

Formal Portrait: I plan to have my girlfriend take pictures in some brightly colored backgrounds, or let her stand in a monotonous background with some brightly colored objects to make the items stand out. Or wear some brightly colored clothes to stand on a monotonous background to highlight the characters.

Creative Portrait: I plan to use angled things to show the depth of the photo, or use glare to create the hard shadow of the character.