Office Depot, Costco, Target, CVS and Professional- Powell Camera Shop.

I would like to say the Powell Camera Shop has the best quality print. I would like to go to Powell camera shop or Costco print for my project in the future. Because the Powell camera shop having the best quality of paper and the technique to restore what I saw in my pc. And Costco also has good paper quality and it is cheaper than the professional shop.

Project 2 Research

Traditional Still Life: For this topic, I decided to place art supply and daily use into the still life. Maybe, I could combine with art supply and some daily use to make it fancier, and make my style.

Product Still Life: I decided the photo might be having some water flow, smoke, etc texture to combine with the products to help the photos look more dynamic. Also, I want to take some photos with a sense of technology but this is just an idea.

Food Still Life: I am going to start with food still life in my daily life. Food is the most significant things in our life, I’m going to show the texture of the food source, the combination of the food and tableware.