Locations used to print (from top to bottom): CVS, Target, Walmart, Powell Camera, and Rite Aid.

The best quality print out of the five would be the professional printing from Powell of course but if I had to choose a cheaper option that is almost similar to the original file I would choose Walmart. I would love to print the rest off my projects from Powell but if the assignment requires me to print more than two then I will have to settle for Walmart. I feel like the adjustments I would need to make would be to increase the contrast and clarity. I would also need to tone down the hue intensity since it appears more green than the original.

Still Life Research

I don’t really have much ideas for what I want to include in this project but I do know that for traditional I want to include elements in black and white to make it look more elegant. For Product I do want the elements to be more bright and colorful in order to “sell’ the product to viewers and make the product itself the focal point. For Food I want to include delicious dishes from a a Filipino Restaurant I work at. With the background being silverware and napkins since the restaurant is a more classy setting.