Exercise K



Exercise G


  1. List of Places Printed (from top to bottom):
  • Claremont Photo
  • Staples
  • Target
  • CVS
  • Walgreens

2. Best Quality Photo: Claremont Photo

3. Best Color Match: Claremont Photo

4. In the future, the best place to go print for me appears to be Claremont Photo.

5. Some adjustments I’d need to do to match my screen would include making the photo more cooler (the print itself was too warm to match the pink involved).


Still Life Project 2 – Research


sketchesThroughout all of the still lifes I will be doing, I kept considering whether the items I thought in mind were readily available for me to use. From there, I assessed what I do have around the house (or what I can quickly buy that may work too) and began sketching. For my traditional still life, I honed in on a more Italian cuisine look, with wines, and bread. I thought a nicely plaid blanket wrapped around them would give some nice texture. For a promotional product still life, I chose a colorful set of a particular series of books. The first of this series will be standing on top of the rest. Maybe I’ll add some plantlife to help add some depth to what’s being seen. For my food still life, I’ll be using donuts and working with the angle I would be photographing them at. It either ranges from a full aerial view, or a 45 degree-ish tilt, or maybe stacking them all together. Some plates and silverware may help accentuate the scene.