Exercise N



Series Proposal

Jens Sorensen

Name: Human Talent

Idea/Execution: My idea behind my series is to come to one location, with a set of friends. Once they arrive I will have them take any amount of art supplies I have brought them, and will let them choose any size paper I will have brought. They will spend as much or as little time creating whatever they want, and once they are done, I will have them choose a spot at the meeting place (probably someones backyard) to have their art photographed or pose next to their art.

Why: I want to give my friends the chance to show themselves what they are capable of once they have the supplies to create something, or rather give them a chance to show the camera a glimpse of their imagination. In this series, I want the human quality of creativity to be expressed, and having the individual on the sideline of their own work to implicate that human quality. With this I feel like the viewer may have a window into the age group of these individuals, their cultures or backgrounds, and even their personalities.

Conditions/Special Techniques: I want it to be shot indoors with semi hard light and possibly have a set tripod angle/height

Output Method & Size: I want to have a intimacy, but also a quick window into the character in the picture, so just traditional 8×8’sIMG_5371.JPG