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Tentative Series Name: Sānctum
Idea: For my project, I wanted to explore the concept of holiness and the ways that it is depicted in different cultures. The title of the series, Sānctum, means “to consecrate, or to appoint as sacred” in Latin. It is in the neutral form, so as to not denote masculinity/femininity of any God or gods.

Execution: I plan to use striking visual iconography from religions in formal portrait style with soft, but still deep lighting.

Why: The ways that diverse religions or cultures indicate sanctity is telling of not only their practices, but also of their unique perspective of the world. I wanted to capture this viewpoint by showcasing traditional iconography with modern people; I did this to express the interplay that occurs between what you believe in and who you are.

Special Conditions: I have to make or otherwise procure objects or clothing.

Output Method & Size: 13×19 full color prints.

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