Exercise K



Exercise G

The places I went to were target, cvs, claremont photo, postnet.IMG_20170419_155419le squirrel2The best quality print was at Claremont Photo. The best match was also at Claremont Photo. I plan on printing at Claremont in the future. Some changes needed to match the screen photo is to lessen the saturation a tad bit.

Still Life

Still Life: For this i wanted to focus on mechanical parts and tools which i have a lot of in my garage. I might play with nature vs man made tools like flowers, leaves, and other organic subjects.

Products: In this category my main focus is on video games and i want to bring all the handheld and console games together to make a cohesive piece.

Food: For food i want to relate foods bring together foods cooked on a pan/skillet and have them formed together in the middle. Another idea is setting up a scene with coffee and food.ContactSheet-001IMG_20170419_142350